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Palliative Care

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Medical Cannabis for Palliative Care

With the ageing and growth of the population, the demand for hospice and palliative care is constantly growing in Australia. The increase in incurable and chronic illnesses has also raised the need for palliative care services. In addition to cancer prevalence, a wide range of chronic diseases and conditions that accompany ageing have caused different patient groups to require these services.

Living with a terminal or life-threatening disease is extremely challenging. Palliative care is intended to help people improve their quality of life and make their life more comfortable. It is mostly aimed at helping people with progressive, active and advanced illnesses (like cancer) who have little chance of recovery.

Aside from helping patients maintain their independence, palliative care also gives support to their carers and families. Medical cannabis can make it a whole lot easier for those people to cope with their problems — both psychosocial and physical — by providing pain relief and improving overall health. Read on to find out how medical cannabis can help palliative care consumers manage their symptoms and deal with chronic diseases.

How Medical Cannabis Can Be Used in Palliative Care

As the number of patients with terminal conditions and cancer expands, the number of people who receive palliative care continues to rise. With the quick progression in the legalization of medical marijuana, more and more palliative care patients seek out cannabis products to alleviate suffering and pain.

Every patient requires a specific treatment plan tailored to his/her individual needs and ailment. So, before using cannabis, patients should consult doctors or healthcare providers to determine the treatment option that is most suitable for them. Numerous studies have shown the therapeutic effects of medical cannabis. It is proven to help in treating and managing certain illnesses. That said, medical cannabis can play an important role in palliative care.

Managing Chronic Pain

Medicinal marijuana has a great potential as an analgesic thanks to its pain-relieving properties. Research reveals that cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can do a great job of relieving pain. High THC strains are beneficial for conditions requiring extreme potency, whereas concentrated forms of CBD provides patients with painkilling effects without getting them high.

Since most palliative care patients experience pain, medical cannabis has become a very popular option among them. It is a great alternative to pain medications and opioids in the management of chronic pain.

Alleviating Spiritual Suffering

Apart from pain, existential and spiritual questions are a common concern of people in palliative care, especially those with little or no prospect of cure. When facing a life-threatening illness that leads to death, patients often wonder if they’re being tested or why they’re being punished.

Medical cannabis can be a powerful tool for easing spiritual suffering and providing relief. By producing feelings of relaxation and euphoria, it can alleviate the trauma that often accompanies traumatic diseases like cancer.