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We have gathered the latest medical cannabis resources and listed them below to educate patients on cannabis and how it can be used medically to treat a variety of conditions. Our service provides assistance for patients to get medical cannabis from licensed commercial producers with detailed information and guidance. We provide them access to doctors and resources to assist them in making educative and informed decisions about their treatment process.

Our resource center is equipped with the latest information regarding Australia’s medical cannabis laws, policies, and regulations. If you are looking for guidance on the different types of strains and their uses, cooking with edibles, or other insightful information, you can find all of that and more through our online resources. Browse the links below and find out how medical cannabis can help you in your recovery process.



Other Articles and Medical Cannabis Resources

An infographic by Oliver at ADT Healthcare.

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Cannabutter Cooking Calculator from Kind Meds

Why telemedicine is a great way
to access to Medical Cannabis

People today are busy and adding one more doctors appointment can be hard. Through the use of telemedicine, MCS is able to offer you access to cannabis compassionate Health Care Practitioners simply using your phone, tablet or PC. The service is discreet and private from any location you feel secure. Once registered, we book your appointment to meet with an HCP. It is that easy!

We offer our members a consultation with a cannabis friendly Health Care Practitioner via Telemedicine.

Our staff will be happy to explain the cannabis prescription process and help you choose a Licensed Commercial Producer (LCP). It is our job to walk you through the process of becoming a legal user of Cannabis as an effective medicine.