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Medical Cannabis for Epilepsy 

Epilepsy is a very common neurological disorder found in people of all ages – especially those aged one to ten, and in older individuals who are 55+ years of age. People who experience epilepsy suffer from ongoing seizures on a regular basis, and these seizures range widely in both severity and frequency. 

Seizures can be relatively undetectable, vigorous, or even convulsions which run through the whole body. The immediate cause of epileptic seizures is still relatively unknown in the majority of cases but can result from substance abuse, brain cancer, strokes, or trauma. Electrical activity in the brain is triggered and it impacts what a brain can do for a short period of time. 

One thing we do know though is that medical cannabis for epilepsy is increasingly becoming a popular method for treating this disorder, and the results have been positive.

How Does Medical Cannabis Help to Deal with Epilepsy?

Medical cannabis as a remedy to deal with the impact of epilepsy is typically ingested by the patient, and the side effects are minimal in comparison to other synthetically-produced medications. Once some level of cannabis has been consumed, the active medicinal ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) interacts with brain receptors, and it works to block the electrical activity or pain. 

This helps to reduce the number of seizures an epileptic patient will experience, and any seizures that are experienced – the after-effects are minimized so the feelings of fatigue, nausea, and others typically felt are less pronounced.  

Cannabis contains more than 100 compounds, but the two most significant ones are THC and CBD. Cannabis that is rich in CBD and low in THC is the ideal composition for dealing with epilepsy due to its therapeutic properties to help manage the disorder. CBD first became popular for treating epilepsy when more conventional treatments were either falling short on results for patients, or their bad side effects were creating negative experiences. 

CBD is now getting more respect to treat epilepsy, even before conventional products as successful case studies and research are paving the way for patients of all ages to use CBD as the first treatment of choice.

CBD and Children

With one of the most popular groups of people suffering from epilepsy being young children, one might conclude that this group would be prime candidates to try out CBD. The question then arises, is CBD safe for kids? 

Researchers have conducted studies on kids who are two years of age and older and who have the two rarest types of epilepsy, with their parent’s permission. The results have been positive, and safety is of course top of mind and CBD has been proven to be safe for children to take. 

There’s a lot more research that needs to be done regarding medical uses of CBD on people of all ages – especially children, and on patients who have more common forms of epilepsy, but doctors do like what they are seeing so far in studies where CBD was used. Expect to see medical cannabis continue to gain in traction to treat epilepsy going forward.